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Thursday, April 19, 2012


The big screen may have inspired us to fall in love and walk down the aisle with that one special person! However, a sneak peek into the lives of our celebrities will make you realise how twisted relationships in Bollywood are. Extra-marital affairs and news about alleged love-children of A-list actors have taken us by surprise more than once. Reason enough why we came out with a list of the glamour world’s male celebrities who allegedly cheated on their wives! Take a look.

Aamir Khan: An early marriage to Reena supposedly broke many a heart right after Aamir Khan's first film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak hit the theatres! But the couple's 15-year marriage came to an end when rumours of his alleged affair with assistant director Kiran Rao made news during the shooting of Lagaan. The actor was also in the news for having a love-child named Jaan with British journalist Jessica Hines!

Raj Kundra: UK businessman Raj Kundra was previously married to Kavita, his wife of three years. But sparks flew when he met the gorgeous Shilpa Shetty after her win in the TV show Big Brother. Kavita accused Shetty for breaking their marriage and also went on to file a complaint against both of them! The couple is expecting their first child very soon.

Saif Ali Khan: Some say theirs was a fairytale romance, but Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh parted ways after a 13-year marriage. The reason was Saif’s alleged link-ups with several actresses in the industry. However it was Rosa Catalano, his Italian girlfriend who caught the fancy of the young Nawab; the two dated for a couple of years till he broke up with her for Kareena Kapoor.

Hrithik Roshan: The handsome actor had his equations in place right from the beginning, and by marrying childhood sweetheart Susanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan went on to prove that his heart was meant for only one woman! But during the shooting and later promotion of the film Kites, Roshan Jr was caught spending too much time with his co-star Mexican model Barbara Mori. So much so that Susanne one day left home with their children to live at her parent's place. Whoever is to be believed!?

Govinda: A married man and father of two children, actor Govinda met Bong beauty Rani Mukerji during the shooting of Hadh Kardi Apne. A string of films followed and the pair became inseparable – both in reel as well as real life. With both the actors growing close to each other, wife Sunita allegedly left home with the children. News also came in of Govinda wishing to marry Rani, but due to his wife and children, the couple split.

Boney Kapoor: Film-maker Boney Kapoor met Sridevi during her initial days in the industry; the actor and his wife, the late Mona Kapoor had actually offered the struggling actress a place to stay in their own house! But little did Mrs Kapoor know about the budding romance between her husband and Sridevi. Boney Kapoor soon filed for a divorce and married the actress in a hush-hush affair. Today married for 16 years, the couple has two daughters.

Shah Rukh Khan: For a long time we assumed Priyanka Chopra’s equation with Shah Rukh Khan was plain friendship, until the two were spotted coming out of the latter’s office at 3AM a few months ago! Since then gossip mills in the industry claim that the two were an item and the reason why wife Gauri is miffed by the actress’ excess involvement in SRK’s life. We hope he proves us all wrong!

Do you know of other cheating husbands in Bollywood? Leave us a comment and let us know. 



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